Many mobile phone users don’t explore these two options because of the jargon associated with SIM cards. Often the sales person when asked to explain free SIM cards will undersell the product either because they don’t know themselves or because there is less commission to be had if they don’t sell a handset. It has to be said that the prefix, ‘free’ makes consumers suspicious because we know that nothing from a mobile phone company ever comes for free, experience has told us that.


Whatever the reason may be, the SIM card only options have low take up, it’s perplexing when you look at the potential they have as easy money savers. All you need is a mobile phone that is unlocked, that means that the handset itself is not attached to any particular network. Say for example that you had a contract mobile phone Vodafone and the contract ran out and you decided not to renew. Well in that case your handset would still be attached to Vodafone. The same applies if you have a PayG phone that you bought via a network.


If you want a brand new unlocked handset you can get one by purchasing direct from a manufacturer. The other option is to get your existing handset unlocked. There are plenty high street outlets that will unlock your phone for a modest charge. The key advantages and disadvantages are as follows.


Free SIM cards Advantages


You’re only affiliated with the network for as long as your top up, meaning you can shop around


Networks give bonuses each time you top up so you get lots of free data


You can try out a network to see what their connectivity is like in your region; so it’s a good tester




You have to top up each time you run out of credit. Can be inconvenient

Longer calls work out quite expensive

If you switch networks you Sim Viettel Đại Phát could find the new one has limited coverage in your area


SIM only plans Advantages


Lots cheaper than handset contracts

Better for the environment

1 or 3 month rolling options give you more flexibility if you find a red hot deal




No shiny new handset


One final reason why free SIM cards and SIM only deals are avoided by consumers is that there is not handset associated with the purchase. We’re fed daily reminders of how important it is to have the latest gadget. New tech has an aesthetic lure; the associated kudos of being contemporary and fashionable compels us to make the acquisition.


If more people stopped and thought about the environmental damage and the ecological catastrophe waiting in the wings perhaps a snazzy advert wouldn’t be enough, maybe we’d stick with our one year old phone for a bit longer.